• May 15, 2020 5:12 pm
  • Abu Dhabi Gate City, Abu Dhabi

We Sell ibogaine hcl, iboga root bark from natural herbal solution totreat alcoholic and drug addiction, We supply iboga root bark from activechemical found in the African tabernanthe iboga root bark . it’s known for itsmodern use in treating opiate heroine , cocaine & other drug addictionreset the neurotransmitters in the brain thanks for your interest in ourproducts. We are a group of farmers of herbs, medicinal plants looking forserious buyers to supply on long term basis. We deal with barks of medicinaltrees, below is a list of all what we have at this moment: voacanga africanabark powder, voacanga africana root powder, voacanga africana seeds, voacangaafricana root, voacanga africana bark ginger root, fresh ginger powder ginsengroot, ginseng root powder griffonia seeds, griffonia dry bark boga dry roots,ibogaseeds. iboga roots barks ibogaine thaumatococcus danielli dry seedsthaumatococcus danielli fresh fruits thaumatococcus danielli fresh arilnymphaea lotus dry flower powder . mimosa hostilis bark . mimosa hostilis rootbark .okoubaka aubrevillei . tagetes lucida . commiphora cinnamomum eryngiumfoetidum argentum powder syzygium aromaticum argyreia nervosa datura stramoniumleaves .datura stramonium roots. mimosa hostilis bark . mimosa hostilis rootbark. dry cacti powder and ipomea violacea. If you are interested in ourproducts contact us and place an order now!

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