Express Ads | UAE | F.A.Q


1. What is ExpressAds?
ExpressAds is a new view of Advertising business, launched by Mr. Hussain Musharbek, UAE national Creative and Success Ambitious, experienced ex-staff in a three of the highest financial portfolio organizations in UAE; CITI Bank, HSBC and ENBD.  He accomplished and achieved all successful operation in the last position in ENBD as Head of Support Services for the Group.  He brought all his high valuable experience level to create and develop a high standard website quality, by highlighting and concentrating in such details of an ad specially and in the website generally.  He assures that all details would help the advertiser individually and Companies to present his product and/or services for sale easily as well as attracting all potential buyers and beneficiaries.  All the users would feel the comfortable and ease of the process in the website, once a user make his/her first ad through the website.

2. Is ExpressAds a FREE Website?
No, All Ads is paid by the advertisers 

3. Why ExpressAds Charge for ADs?
Most of the free online ads websites push the advertiser to become lazy to fill the necessary information to fulfill the buyer requirement of information, and details that will encourage the buyer to make the first call, most of such ads are doomed with failure, and they do fail to deliver a positive results at the end to the advertiser, So the paid AD will make the advertiser more serious about adding the details.

4. What is the benifiets of business backage?
By listing your business with us you will have a great chance to reach huge potential customers, Instead of creating your own website and spent thousands of dirhams to promote of it. Our website platform will promote for your business without paying extra amount for advertising and promoting your business.

5. What is the payment methods?
We accept VISA, Master Card, and PayPal for now.

6. Is there a refund policy?
If the advertiser dose not publish any AD under his account he can get full refundm otherwise the ExpressAds may be can apply a partial refund.